Shotokan Karate Union
Worldwide Membership

The Shotokan Karate Union is a non profit International Organisation established in 1985 with affiliated members Worldwide. We practice Shotokan Karate as a traditional Japanese martial art form. We are dedicated to using the traditional Japanese Shotokan Karate coaching methodology and therefore have chosen to resist compromising those tried and tested ways. Nevertheless, we do recognise, advocate and utilise the modern sports sciences to test and hone our Karate Athletes to achieve a high personal technical standard.

We have a structured, educational award scheme in place to teach our coaches how to present the subject matter in a uniform manner, whilst ensuring a high standard of performance is achieved and maintained. From the organisations conception we developed and adhered to a transparent and structured grading assessment system so our student members would know in advance & understand what is achievable and expected of them.

The Shotokan Karate Unions organisational model is based on a consortium, an alliance, it was founded as a coming together of invited members from the two largest Shotokan organisations at that time. We are a coalition of like minded members worldwide, who are free to run their own affairs with zero political interference. This allows each individual to follow the path best suited to their specific needs, yet at the same time all of our members are in regular communication with others who are willing to freely share ideas and experiences in a non hostile, non competitive atmosphere, where they don't fear to express their opinions and understanding of their studies with other coaches. Because the Shotokan Karate Union does not have a designated Chief Instructor, we have a Yudansha committee of senior members and a Director of Coaching; therefore, there is no political jostling for position. The consortium was a concept that was the aim at the foundation of the organisation, which seems to have worked very well thus far and we have celebrated our 25th anniversary in 2010. When we were founded 1985 we started a couple of projects, 1: "Project 2000", which was a 15 year plan for the organisations advancement. 2: "The Coaching Award Scheme", both of which were successful and far surpassed our expectations.

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